Georgetown has been an international port of entry since 1732. Walk with us down along seaport Georgetown’s haunted harbor, where maritime ghosts abound. Historic hauntings of pirates, lost ships and lovelorn ghosts from watery graves are our specialty! Most famous in Georgetown’s haunted maritime History are the War of 1812’s schooner¬†Patriot, lost at sea with Theodosia Burr Alston: and the Federal flagship Harvest Moon, whose paddle-steaming days ended in ghostly finality on the floor of the Georgetown harbor.


In 1787, my great-great-great-great grandparents were living in the heart of the old seaport Georgetown, basking in the glow of having helped with the Revolutionary War and blissfully unaware that a future grandson would die a captain in the War Between the States. Now, two and a quarter centuries later, they lie buried where they once lived, here in the National Register Historic District. Theirs is a peaceful rest, unlike some of their contemporaries and neighbors, who still haunt their old homes, hoping to right the past wrongs. -Elizabeth¬†Huntsinger, author of Ghosts of Georgetown, More Ghosts of Georgetown, and Georgetown[…]

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Join our Lantern-Led Walking Tour! One to one and-a-half hours. One to one-and-a-half miles. $20 per adult (Ages 13 and up require adult ticket) $10 ages 8-12 Reservations ONLY. No walks will be scheduled when there are no reservations. Ghost tours depart Friday evenings at dusk with no less than five adults. Times will vary seasonally. (Cash Only)


Located on the coast between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina, with a National Register Historic District steeped in the histories of the ghosts of those who once lived vibrant lives here. Heartbroken lovers, innocent children, adventurous slaves, wealthy plantation owners and enterprising mariners have remained in Georgetown long after their natural lives were over. Tour with us, walk their centuries-old streets. Hear how their lives made them legend and how their deaths made them ghosts.


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Please wear comfortable walking shoes. We want you to stay safe on our tour! We are not responsible for blisters, bunions, captured Yankees, alligator bites, nightmares, falling into sinkholes, or any other injury or loss of property, life or limb incurred during, or as a result of, our amazing tour.